The Players

Pip on bass


The Drax Folk Night is run by Pip Evans and Nick Robson but the idea and original hosts were Richard and Lesley Quayle.  Pip has been playing double bass, bass guitar and trombone in the area for a long time and is a great supporter of live music. Nick Robson is also an excellent musician and plays in country/bluegrass bands.

The idea to run these nights was quickly got off the ground in April 2015 thanks to the imagination and drive of Lesley and Richard Quayle, support from Pip and Nick, and the willingness of the Landlord at the Drax to allow us use of the Stable bar.

The format is simple - invited guests come on to sing you a few songs each. A break for refreshments and raffle tickets is followed by a repeat performance from everyone, then home to bed.

Occasionally we may book an artist and feature them as a special concert.  An entrance fee may be charged at these events.

For anyone wanting to learn some of this music, the Drax Arms hosts music classes - a Wednesday guitar club and a Monthly banjo Americana night. You can get more info when we see you at our Folk Nights.

So far, the Folk Nights have proved very popular, so get down to the next one and see what all the fuss is about. Pressing our Facebook button will give you info about when our next night is and who is playing.