We meet....

......on the last Tuesday of each month at 8:00pm in the Stable Bar of the Drax Arms, Bere Regis BH20 7HH.
Admission is free and the food at the Drax is excellent if you want to eat before we start.

The chocolate box of folk roots music, great variety and all enjoyable. Kathy Dunn - Wessex Acoustic

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If you want a great B&B after coming, book in at the Old Mill just down the road.

Appearing 8:00pm Tuesday 30th January 2018


The Baker Band
In 2014 Charles and Sammy Upton, formally of "Fippenny Piece", were joined by musicians Mary Emerson Reed on fiddle and Rob Adams on flute,recorder, whistle and bodhran to form the Baker Band.
Their repertoire is mainly based on what could be called the folk tradition. They enjoy combining jigs, hornpipes and reels with their songs and creating new arrangements. However, they are not averse to introducing more contemporary material into their performances, from a variety of genres, including the odd Beatles number!

Rick Potter
"School bands, prog rock at University, a self-released single in 1978 played to death by John Peel, shows, a Blues Brothers tribute band (professionally) for 6 years – I don't think I've stopped playing since. I've also accompanied (on guitar, piano, banjo etc) and sung in a range of choirs, taking part in a number of world premieres.
Since moving to Argyll in 2008, and more recently back to my native Dorset, my playing (and singing) has been mainly acoustic, with an increasing interest in non western, non-standard instruments. I'm currently playing at least four times a week, throughout the south of England an increasingly further afield, as well as back in Scotland."

Gilly Kemp
"I love writing songs, one day I heard someone sing one of my songs in a concert I was so pleased, since then a few people have asked to sing them."
Well, what better place to hear them than the Drax - this is a welcome return visit by Gilly, who we love listening to, though you wil have seen her husband Tony at our Christmas concert, heavily disguised as a Mummer.
What a family !!

Sophie Wright & Richard Wirdnam
Sophie and Richard are often seen performing together as a part of The King’s Shilling, a folk-drama group who told the touching stories of a number of ordinary men and women who fought for King and country. They have both played for us before, together and separately and are keen to introduce you to one of their new ventures.

Richard and Lesley Quayle (resident singers)